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Encycolpedia of Coin Sleights 3 dvds


The close-up magician must use various sleights as his tools in creating finished masterpieces.
Often this is a difficult and time-consuming venture as the sleights are scattered far and wide
and finding just the right sleights takes a tremendous amount of time, searching, sorting, and more searching.

The Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights, featuring Dr. Michael Rubinstein, provides a plethora of coin sleights
making the creative process much easier and more focused.
Dr. Rubinstein takes the viewer through a range of coin sleights from basic palms to fairly intricate changes.
These videos do not pretend to examine every sleight in coin magic.
Instead, Dr. Rubinstein has done much of the research for the viewer and carefully hand picked
what he considers some of the finer coin sleights.
Dr. Rubinstein is a superb teacher and really understands how to explain coin magic
so that anyone can understand it from the beginner to the advanced performer.
Each sleight is examined from a few carefully and wisely chosen angles.
In every case, Dr. Rubinstein examines several variations of each sleight
and also often includes his own thinking and ideas which are quite excellent.
He breaks down each sleight in great detail with a voice-over as you watch
extreme close ups from a few carefully chosen angles specific to each sleight.

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