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Dream tunnel by mikame craft


Dream Tunnel is a transformation device from Mikame.
You can take pieces of blank paper or money and turn them into more money, coins, and even scarfs.
You can borrow a bill from a spectator and ask them if they dream of more money.
Send it down the Dream Tunnel.
Tap on the Dream Tunnel and grab the money from the other end but it now has turned blank.
Offer the blank piece of paper to the spectator and apologize to him that they didn't dream hard enough for more money.
The spectator refuses, so you place it back into the Dream Tunnel.
The spectator dreams of his money back at least, the magician taps on the Dream Tunnel,
and the bill is faithfully restored back to the original bill.

In the Animated Origami Bill Trick, a dollar bill is borrowed and "inflated", transforming the bill into an Origami balloon!
The balloon bill then rolls mysteriously across both arms, and is returned to the spectator,
who will stay up most of the night wondering how you inflated and animated the borrowed bill!

USED - Good Condition