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It's the closest demonstration of mind over matter that you'll ever be able to do.
GURU is inspired by an ancient technique used by monks called "Tum-mo".
The technique allows them to raise the temperatures of their fingers by as much as 17 degrees.
The human body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil.

International researchers are astonished by these results.
GURU enables you to perform one of the most intriguing psychic feats that your spectators will ever experience.
One of the many possible uses of GURU: Ask your spectator for a coin, and hand out a small clear plastic bag for examination.
The coin is signed by the spectator and placed inside the bag for isolation.
The spectator holds the bag.
You start to concentrate, letting your energy flow and heat up your fingers.
You gently rub the coin, and transfer your energy and heat to it.
You place the signed coin inside the bag, and continue to rub it softly.
The spectator feels the coin inside the bag and confirms that the coin is getting hotter.
The borrowed coin starts to heat up and VISUALLY melts through the bag.
The spectator can see it and feel it. Give away everything to be examined.
The effect can take place on the hands of the spectator, and has been designed to be performed under test conditions.

Easy to do
Highly visual
No switches
No chemicals of any kind
Borrowed signed coin
Perform it surrounded
Everything can be examined before and after
Perform it anytime & anywhere
Always ready to go
Comes complete with patent pending technology and detailed instructions.