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just passin thru by russ niedzweicki

JUST PASSIN THRU by Russ Niedzwiecki

The props, printed instructions AND a bonus DVD included.
A borrowed bill of any denomination is clearly and openly folded around a pencil.
The bill is shown front and back to completely enwrap the pencil.
With no moves, nothing added or taken away, almost instantly the pencil visually penetrates through the bill!
The bill is once again wrapped around the pencil, but this time the pencil slowly... very slowly... melts... through... the bill!
You will enjoy performing this effect as much as your audience will be delighted watching it.
With how incredibly easy "Just Passin' Thru" is to do coupled with the fact that all you need to carry is a pencil,
this effect just might soon become one of your perennial favorites.
In addition, we have included Lonnie Chevrie's "Finger Thru Bill"... an amazingly visual, impromptu feat of magic
that you will put to use immediately as the perfect follow-up to "Just Passin' Thru" or for those times when you don't have a pencil.
Comes complete with detailed, step-by-step and thoroughly illustrated instruction booklet
which guides you through every nuance in an almost frame-by-frame manner.
Also included is a bonus DVD which contains performances of "Just Passin' Thru" and "Finger Thru Bill"
by their creators as well as a detailed explanation for "Just Passin' Thru" for those of you who learn better visually.