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stitched by alexander kolle

STITCHED by Alexander Kolle (DVD and props)

For a while now, you have been going about your business with 'fashionable' rip in the trouser leg of your jeans.
You simply move your hand over the offending hole just for a second.
As if by magic the rip instantly HEALS ITSELF completely closed!
You can show your hand totally clean and empty.
The rip really has been vanished totally.
Your spectators can examine your trousers to their hearts content, there really is nothing to find.
The hole has completely disappeared.
Make sure you have them check your trousers, its great fun and very entertaining.
Over the years, many magicians have attempted to develop magic tricks to try to solve the "Torn jeans" challenge.
However, nothing comes anywhere near the latest technique developed by Alex Kolle.
Totally EASY TO DO.
This is a BARE AND EMPTY HANDS solution to a stunning magic trick