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john kennedy's z-webs

Z-WEBS by John Kennedy

Z-Webs is an invisible thread dispenser that you carry around in your pocket.
It is definitely not a reel!
Z-Webs contains 70 filaments of the highest quality invisible thread.
Each reusable filament is about five feet long and can be locked at any length you need.
A "Floating Bill" routine is included.
What makes it such a practical thread dispensing system?
No body hook-ups: Z-Webs is designed to work from your shirt or coat pocket.
Quality thread: The ultra low visibility thread is perfect for close-up levitations.
Locking system: You can easily lock each filament to the ideal length for your performance.
Versality: You can pull a filament completely out of the dispenser for custom applications.
Re-usable thread: Each strand of thread can be used over and over again.
No repair, ever: Since Z-Webs is disposable you'll get hundreds of uses, then just throw it away and get a new one.
Putty, instructions and extra invisible thread

USED - Good Condition