Used Magic for sale


All magic effects, tricks, etc are described to the best of my ability.

All photographs are of the actual item and not from an external website.

I will not mislead you into thinking something is not what it is.

Owing to the nature of the goods on offer on this site you have to bear in mind they are second hand and that they are illusions, effects, etc and, as such, cannot be sent back for a refund once you have discovered 'How it's done'!

The goods are sold in good faith and will not be refunded under any circumstances (unless the item has been damaged in the post. In which case, the seller is responsible for making a claim against the Royal Mail and we will help in that matter as far as we are able to). All items are sent out well packaged and, under normal circumstances, will reach the recipient in good condition.

The Buyer is responsible for entering the correct details for delivery on the order form. If, for some reason, you have entered the wrong details and we have, in good faith, sent the item(s) to the wrong address, which you entered, then I am afraid you are responsible for tracking down the item. If WE have put the wrong address on the item then we will obviously take responsibility for those actions. If you realise you have put the wrong delivery details, contact us asap and, if the item has not been shipped, we will change the address for you. 

If you have any doubts, then please ask before you purchase to make sure it is exactly what you want.

All transactions are taken care of through Paypal and, as such, are secure.

You are also covered by the Paypal guarantees.

All goods will be sent out within 3 days of purchase.

There are 2 levels of postage - if an item is under £10 then the item will have a packaging and postage charge of £2.50 (UK)
if £10 or over then the packaging and postage will be charged at a flat rate of £5

Should you need to contact me, use this link